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Style and protect your floors with runner rugs

You’ve finally made it home after a long day at work. You step in the door and kick off the shoes that have been squeezing your feet all day, ready to relax. But what’s this? You’ve taken off your shoes yet your feet hit the cold, hard ground? That’s not comforting or relaxing at all. What can you do to ensure your entire home is comfortable? Buy a runner rug! Runners give your feet a little extra cushion on your way to your comfy sofa or bedroom all while adding a bit of durability, life, and color to your floors.

Preparing for Foot Traffic

Runners are often found in high traffic parts of the home, like foyers and hallways. Though you may like to go barefoot as soon as you get in, your spouse and energetic children may not be so inclined. Scuff marks, scrapes, and discoloration can make any beautiful floor look tragically worn. Installing a runner can protect your floor from slow-but-steady damage. The durability of the fabrics woven into a quality runner can provide long lasting beauty and cleanliness to your floors. Natural wool, for example, provides a long lasting and natural foundation for rugs. Runners are easier and cheaper to maintain than damaged wood and warmer to the touch than floor tiles.

Enhancing Colors and Themes

Going above and beyond its role as a protective covering, a carpet runner should complement your color scheme. Since runners are typically located between rooms, these types of rugs can be the uniting element of multiple rooms’ designs. Runners can seamlessly blend design schemes from one room to the other by pulling tones and hues from multiple spaces. Or, you can decided to give your foyer or hallway its own unique palette with a contrasting design that fits into an eclectic interior design style!

Minimizing Noise & Maximizing Comfort

Now that you’ve picked a runner that fits your design and sustainability needs, get comfy!

Runners provide a cushion that can minimize noise, prevent the occasional skidding on your home’s slippery floors, and keep your feet comfy. Shoes, heels, and paws can click loudly on hard flooring which can irritate during the day and keep you up at night (puppies always seem to play best at three in the morning…) The thick cushioning of a runner keeps paws and shoes away from the floor, muting the sounds of running and clicking. The cushioning also provides much more comfort for your feet—which totally deserve a break after a hard day of getting you around. Thick, lush wool fibers absorb a room’s temperature so your feet will match the desired warmth or coolness of your home. It’s as close to “walking on a cloud” as you can get.

Runners are sustainable, beautiful, and beneficial to the cleanness and safety of any sort of homes. Give yourself and your nest an added touch of style and comfort with a new runner rug.

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