Cleaning & Care

Tam Wim rugs are constructed with 100% New Zealand wool. This material is the purest wool in the world, it is known to be the highest quality and softest wool available. It is naturally durable, stain resistant and flame retardant.

  • Vacuuming

    Regular and thorough vacuuming is the best way to remove soil and dirt particles before they become embedded in your rug. If threads are pulled to the surface during vacuuming, do not attempt to pull out the loose fibers. Instead, clip the loose fibers with scissors.

  • Spot + Stain Removal

    Immediate treatment of any spill is very important. Blot up liquids with a paper towel or color free absorbent cloth. Scoop up solids with the end of a knife or spoon. Apply an absorbent dry powder cleaner directly to the affected area. Let stand for 15 minutes, and vacuum well until all powder is gone. Repeat as necessary. An excellent care guide is published by the Woolmark Company at: http://www.woolmark.com/search?q=floor+covering+care

  • Professional Cleaning

    Depending on traffic and wear, you may want to have your rug professionally cleaned about once per year. Regular cleaning will enhance color and texture and extend the life of your rug. Find a reputable cleaner in your neighborhood that specializes in high quality wool rugs. A good resource for high quality professionals with IICRC certification is -http://www.iicrc.org/

  • Color-Fastness

    We use only the highest quality industry standard dyes when dyeing our wool. These dyes have very good color-fastness properties; however you should give your rug normal protection from direct sunlight. Rotating your rug and furniture occasionally is recommended to equalize wear and sun effects.

  • Maintenance

    New wool rugs shed loose wool fibers or “fluff.” This shedding is the normal result of fibers left in the rug during the tufting process. Regular vacuuming will remove these fibers over time, usually a few months to a year. It is also recommended to rotate your rug every few months.