About Us

Designer Tam Wimolvan Vidulich is the founder of Tam Wim. While growing up in her native Thailand, Tam was transfixed by the floating lotus flowers she saw on her morning walk to school. This fascination for natural patterns and colors evolved many years later into the striking designs of the Tam Wim Rug collections. With a background as an Interior Architect, Tam understands how living spaces are central to our lives, and how simple, well-designed objects can make life more harmonious. A properly designed rug can bind contrasting elements of a room together, like a vintage leather sofa and a contemporary table

Tam Wim’s carpets and area rugs are hand made from 100% New Zealand Wool because of its wonderful natural properties: resistant to stain and traffic, tensile and insulating. It is hypoallergenic and soft to the touch. To complement our elegant designs and high-quality materials, we have developed a close working relationship with a manufacturer in Thailand to ensure the highest quality of product manufacturing and hand-finishing.

We utilize a variety of colors and patterns and can work with individuals or designers to create simple, elegant and timeless natural rugs. We value the importance of design and architectural artistry in homes and commercial spaces.

Our showroom and gallery is located in Chicago’s Ravenswood district, a neighborhood rich in artistic history.