Water Gardens

The rays of the sun, reflected in scalloped edges, influenced Tam’s Water Gardens collection. Depictions of the four seasons remind us of the subtle and dramatic beauty found at any time of the year.

Orchid (8x8) $4,416.00
Orchid (6x6) $2,484.00
Radiance (8x8) $4,416.00
Radiance (6x6) $2,484.00
Water Lily (8x12) $6,624.00
Waves $3,795.00
Water Lily (6x9) $3,726.00
Stepping Stones $5,520.00
Radiance (4x4) $1,104.00
Orchid (4x4) $1,104.00
Floating Flowers $3,726.00
Cattails $3,726.00