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New Year, New You…New Trends!

Every January brings new trends, from the clothes we wear to the way we decorate our homes, and we’re here to talk about one of our favorite trends: colors!

Our major players for 2016 are blues and pinks, which is emphasized by Pantone’s Color(s) of the Year selection: Serenity (blue) and Rose Quartz (pink). Both shades are soft pastels, but that doesn’t mean the whole year will look like the Easter candy aisle at your local grocer. Aquas and maritime shades (like Snorkel Blue) have found their place on the palette and pink is dipping its toes into orange and peach hues. Blues and pinks work fabulously as statement walls or covering every wall in your room.

If you’re more into a splash of fun instead of a wave of color, neutrals are also in this year. Stick with whites, grays, and light browns. White and lighter grays go great with everything and will keep your rooms looking bright and spacious. Brown is an earthy color that helps spaces transition from season to season. While brown doesn’t go with everything, it pairs extremely well with various shades of 2016’s major players. Give your room a pop of blue or pink with some throw pillows, art pieces, or a rug!

Like neutrals and your little pops of color, but want to add a bit more oomph to your space? Try gold! Gold’s metallic gleam can shine brightly in your space in the shape of a funky clock, a bright lamp, or even as a painted stripe on your wall. If you’re going with gold, be bold! Painting an entire room gold might look a little bit too Victorian, but it’s definitely a distinctive statement in any space.

The overall color trend for 2016 is relaxing, then playful; soothing, yet with a pop of fun. Your home is where you unwind after a long day at work, so make sure the colors you choose make you feel, well, right at home. Pantone chose a shade of blue called “Serenity” for a reason. Set the mood in your home with some new paint on the walls, some fun decor, and even a new rug!

It’s a new year; try something new with your interior design. Happy New Year!

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