Distinctive Rug Design

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A touch of Contemporary Zen

Our Floribunda Collection adapts to transitional or modern homes equally well.

Custom Rugs and Trade Sales

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Orchid (4x4)

Round with scalloped edges, curvy, serpentine twigs, this is Tam's interpretation of one of her favorite flowers

Flighty (Green/Blue)

This playful rug was inspired by one of our furry family members who has the run of the house

Woo-Hoo (Green)

Tam was likely thinking of overly energetic cheerleaders with fun and colorful results

Grounded (Blue)

Grounded has an earthy feel, warm tones with bright splashes of color fitting in all home decors

Morning Glory (6x6)

Stare straight into a beautiful flower, and it might smile back

Small Spaces Series-Episode 3:The Hunt

June 2 2017 by Spencer

How would you prepare to purchase a property in another city and state? You’re an experienced real estate buyer, this process shouldn’t be that...

Tags: rugs,area rugs,interior design,square rugs,round rugs,wool rugs

Small Spaces Series - Episode 2: Who Goes There

April 13 2017 by Tam Wimolvan Vidulich

As Cosmo Kramer (of Seinfeld fame) once said “don’t assume!”, good advice for life and for design. A designer asked an associate to prepare...

Tags: rugs,decor,interior design,area rugs,small spaces

Small Spaces Series - Episode 1: Discovering New York

November 21 2016 by Tam Wimolvan Vidulich

Your first apartment in New York is a topic that’s been covered countless times before, but none of it quite prepares you for the reality of your...

Tags: apartment hunting,small spaces,studio,series,new york city